IgniteHer is a women’s leadership development movement…

…focused on empowering women to unleash their leadership capabilities and step into their power.

Our solutions offer multi-touchpoints that bring together flexible, but guided learning with high levels of personal accountability and tailored learning journeys, which result in personal and business impact.

IgniteHer Empowering Women
IgniteHer Ignite a Movement

Ignite a Movement

At IgniteHer we don’t see women – and women’s development – in isolation, but as part of an interconnected ecosystem that comes together to create a culture where women thrive and realise their potential.

Why a Women’s Development Movement?

Women who are empowered, encouraged, and unfettered by gender-biased business practices, show up and stand out in many positive ways. Given the opportunity and support, they become visionary, motivated, values-based and accountable leaders who encourage a positive work environment.

Besides the moral and societal argument for women to be empowered in the workplace, there’s a compelling business case for women in leadership. If you’re looking to give your women talent a real opportunity to meaningfully contribute to your organisation’s success, then the IgniteHer Women’s Development Movement will resonate with you.

“Following a meticulous analysis of 300 companies around the world, we found a difference in return on equity of 47 per cent between the companies with the most women on their executive committees and those with none, and a 55 percent difference in operating results.”

Choose Your Journey

IgniteHer is a state-of-the-art women’s leadership development programme – focused on creating a business shift for the women in your organisation

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ExcelHer is designed to fast-track your most senior female talent and equip them to thrive as they represent the business at the highest level.

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The SupportHer interventions are designed to sustain the momentum of the IgniteHer and ExcelHer journeys and ensure lasting impact 

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If you’re looking to build a pipeline of powerful, authentic, confident women leaders for your organisation…

What Makes Us Different?

IgniteHer What makes us different

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