We all have a role to play in achieving gender equality

Break Barriers. Command Respect. Move on Your Own Terms.

Unlike traditional women’s development programmes, IgniteHer starts with the individual woman, her needs and a plan for her specific development. We then understand and connect that to your organisation’s current and future talent needs.

The programme is based on the IgniteHer 4C Model, addressing Context, Confidence, Connection and Care. This model underlies all the elements of the programme, including the assessments (pre and post the programme) which have been designed to  measure impact. IgniteHer is outcomes-focused with participants working on real-time business projects, demonstrating meaningful business outcomes.

IgniteHer is built on the premise that men have an equally important role to play in creating a diverse and inclusive organisation and actively includes them as participants, panellists and subject matter experts.

IgniteHer Model

Working with your context

Self-awareness I Framing I Navigating

Caring for self and others

Energising I Enabling I Resilience

IgniteHer Model

Building relationships intentionally

Tribe I Sponsorship I Collaboration

Owning your space

Presence I Capability I Engaging

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IgniteHer Programme

IgniteHer is a 6-month digitally enabled, multi-touchpoint programme.

Consisting of core elements, the programme’s components are pulled together based on your organisation’s unique needs and circumstances.

• Individual Assessments
• Panel Interviews
• Workshops
• Masterclasses
• Individual Coaching
• Group Coaching
• Peer Integration Sessions
• Business-based Project

 Governing Principles

Highly customised, targeted development

Participant ownership and documentation of the learning

Use of multiple modalities, learning approaches and group projects

Inclusive of men

Focuses on the individual’s needs and organisational contribution

Rigorous programme management, monitoring and evaluation to ensure participation and achievement of core objectives

IgniteHer Circles

Based on our unique 4C Model, IgniteHer circles is an innovative mechanism to keep the key women in your organisation engaged, while empowering them with key knowledge and skills.

Why IgniteHer Circles

  • Leadership behaviours more frequently applied by women, like inspiring others and clearly defining expectations and rewards, are critical to navigate through and beyond a crisis. Yet, women are often the first to leave during a crisis so we need to do more to retain them.
  • Women in particular have a strong need for community and finding purpose in their work. IgniteHer Circles offer an innovative platform to facilitate the support and development of women.
  • Many companies will experience a setback in women targets (diversity) during challenging times. IgniteHer Circles provides a pro-active approach to overcoming this challenge.

How IgniteHer Circles work

  • Our approach is based on the 4C Model – we work with the key concepts of Context, Confidence, Connection and Care
  • Groups of 7 women connect either once or twice a month for a virtual coaching session
  • The sessions include a check in, followed by learning connected to the 4C Development Report and a facilitated conversation on applying the learnings

IgniteHer Coaching

IgniteHer coaching is designed to support women, who face different external and internal barriers to men in the workplace. Their path to leadership is often not direct and they encounter many obstacles and unexpected challenges along the way. Based on this, they need to recalculate and reassess their moves – this takes strategy. In addition, women often need to deal with barriers due to politics and gender bias as well as their own internal barriers like self-doubt and lack of confidence.

IgniteHer coaching utilises the 4C Assessment as a basis for coaching interventions ensuring that the coaching focuses on achieving specified objectives.

IgniteHer Conversations

A series of curated dialogues designed to engage the women in your organisation, addressing key topics honestly, openly, and holistically.

Through a consultative process with your organisation, we bespoke a series of inclusive conversations that stimulate meaningful discussions.

We draw on experts in the field and leaders within the company to create a unique and multi-dimensional programme that is fully facilitated to ensure maximum participation and engagement.

Whether you want to engage on the gender pay gap, GBV, the impact of COVID on women or something completely different, we help you create ongoing conversations that make a tangible difference.

Why IgniteHer


Maximum impact with the least amount of scheduled time


Each participant identifies their priority action areas

Flexible, but Guided

Group sessions are scheduled in participants’ own time, but feedback requirements and tight programme coordination is robust


Because learning from other women is a core way adults and particularly women learn


We believe we see the greatest results when individuals are held personally accountable for their actions and efforts


We know the development of women cannot happen in isolation – that’s why men are integrated into the conversation


“The name of the programme is exactly what you delivered. There is a light within me that has been switched on.”

Bonolo Thekeong, Manager Business Operations, AVAF Joint Ventures, Absa

“I’ve been on other programmes but this one has give me some practical tools that I can apply and I’ve started applying and that’s been great…. As well as the time to think and reflect and get some perspective.”

Coral Baldwin, People Partner Lead: Group People and Culture Function, Absa

“Every person I’ve spoken to on the programme has contributed to making this experience something I’m not only going to take forward through the programme but my whole career.”

Chantal Luther, Level 3 Tester, I.T. High Volume Payment, Absa

“Thank you to each and every one of the ladies on the programme – it was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life. I can honestly say, through the programme, I am coming out a better person. Through this programme I’ve actually found my voice!”

Lorraine Mpela, Teal Lead Collections, AVAF Early Collections, Absa