Weaving women’s development into the DNA of the organisation

IgniteHer is led by Donna Rachelson and Inge Walters, who have climbed the corporate ladder and thrived in male-dominated environments. Through their combination of business savviness, workplace experience and entrepreneurial thinking, they have successfully advanced the careers of thousands of women.

IgniteHer About Us

Our Story

IgniteHer was created when two people at opposite ends of the country, who had never met but had a shared passion for the advancement of women in the workplace, were asked by a leading financial institution to work together to develop & deliver a holistic women’s development program that would shift the dial for their women.

Originally both parties had pitched to develop the program separately, but the company saw something in both proposals and, recognizing the power of partnerships, brought the two women together and that’s when magic happened and IgniteHer was born

“1000 women later, here we stand – humbled by the way our programme has been embraced; inspired by the powerful, talented women we’ve had the honour of engaging with; and more committed, driven and determined than ever to ignite a women’s development movement across S.A.” 

Donna & Inge

Meet the Team

inge walters

Inge Walters


Combining her strong business background and deep understanding of people, Inge works with leaders on integrating self-insights, future foresight and system awareness.

Donna Rachelson


Donna is a driven entrepreneur with a passion for helping corporate go-getters, women and graduates make their mark.

Monita O’Ryan

Monita O’Ryan

Monita is committed to partnering with individuals and organisations through coaching and facilitation processes.

Ayesha Ebrahim

Ayesha Ebrahim

Ayesha strives to enable beneficial change and facilitate the positive transformation of people and systems that stems from big-picture understanding and the appreciation of multiple perspectives. 


Our Manifesto

We believe in walking the journey with each woman – we’re in this for the long haul – staying connected to individual journeys beyond the programme

We believe in the business case for women in leadership

We believe in the extraordinary capabilities of women

Why IgniteHer


Maximum impact with the least amount of scheduled time


Each participant identifies their priority action areas

Flexible, but guided

Group sessions are scheduled in participants’ own time with feedback requirements and tight programme coordination


Because learning from other women is a core way in which adults, and particularly women, learn


We believe we see the greatest results when individuals are held personally accountable for their actions and efforts


We know the development of women cannot happen in isolation – that’s why men are integrated into the conversation