A series of curated dialogues designed to engage the women in your organisation, addressing key topics honestly, openly, and holistically.

Through a consultative process with your organisation, we bespoke a series of inclusive conversations that stimulate meaningful discussions.

We draw on experts in the field and leaders within the company to create a unique and multi-dimensional programme that is fully facilitated to ensure maximum participation and engagement.

Whether you want to engage on issues like the gender pay gap, women owning P&Ls, cultivating healthfulness or something completely different, we help you create ongoing conversations that make a tangible difference.

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Networking for Building Strong Professional Relationships
The Power of Networking: Building Strong Professional Relationships
For many of us, the thought of networking makes us want to run a mile as we envision crowded conference...
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Asking for help is hard, do it anyway
Asking for Help is Hard — Do it Anyway
We live in a world that glorifies self-sufficiency and independence. We admire the rugged individuals...
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Self-care is an important part of a sustainable career
Self-Care as an Important Part of a Sustainable Career
In today’s fast-paced world, where the pursuit of professional success often takes centre stage,...
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importance of business acumen for women
The Power of Business Acumen for Career Advancement
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of business acumen cannot be overstated....
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Stressed woman touching his head
The Upside of Failing
Take a look through history and you’ll find that the most successful people failed numerous times before...
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Happy African American businesswoman talking to female colleague
Why Your Career Strategy Needs to Include Having a Sponsor
In today’s highly competitive working world, filled with talented, skilled and ambitious men and...
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Cultivating a Growth Mindset
Cultivating a Growth Mindset
When it comes to achieving success, your mindset plays a crucial role. It can either propel you forward...
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Women Negotiating
Negotiation Intelligence
Negotiation is an important skill in both personal and professional settings. It requires an understanding...
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The P&L Gap: The Challenges of Women Owning P&Ls
When it comes to knowing the numbers behind the running of your organisation, do you take a proactive...
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