Break Barriers. Ignite a Movement.

You’ve read the research, you’ve heard all the talks – the development of the women in your organisation is critical to business success and yet you find yourself stuck with programmes that miss the mark, don’t cater to your organisation’s needs and don’t deliver real impact.

At the same time, many women find themselves ‘stuck’ in their career growth with external as well as their own internal barriers preventing them from achieving their goals.

Many programmes don’t cater to both the organisation’s needs and the personal context of each woman,.


Choose Your Journey


IgniteHer is a state-of-the-art women’s leadership development programme – focused on creating a business shift for the women in your organisation

through the development of an integrated approach that includes practical interventions to help women ‘show up’ differently.

With multiple touch points and learning modalities, IgniteHer brings together flexible but guided learning with high levels of personal accountability which results in personal and business impact.


ExcelHer is  designed to fast-track your most senior female talent and equip them to thrive as they represent the business at the highest level.

ExcelHer shapes the mindset of eligible women together with strategic, business and commercial acumen along with, and the practical involvement and support of line managers, mentors and sponsors in advancing women into senior leadership positions


The ‘SupportHer’ interventions are designed to sustain the momentum of the IgniteHer and ExcelHer journeys and ensure lasting impact 

through community building,  keeping the gender conversation in the mainstream and providing continued support for those facing both internal and external barriers in the workplace.

Why IgniteHer

We aren’t another service provider or programme creator. We want to partner with you to create a movement within your organisation by delivering women’s development in the following ways:

Empowering women to take full accountability for their growth and development.

Our promise is to offer guidance, structures and support, enabling women to engage with their own development through self- and group interventions.

We role-model investment by fully engaging with participants through various channels.

In turn, this allows participants to be fully invested by becoming more intentional in their own development.

We focus on building communities across groups of women

In today’s complex and hybrid environments it can be difficult to unite disparate groups under one brand. Our programme unites women by valuing and honouring differences.

We believe curiosity, compassion and courage are at the heart of all learning

To this end, we do not believe we have arrived in the space of women’s leadership development. We look forward to learning with you by working alongside you on developing your women.

Start A Movement