Bringing to life the opportunities and possibilities that are open to women when they step into to their power.

Unlike traditional women’s development programmes, IgniteHer starts with the individual woman, her needs, and a plan for her specific development. We then understand and connect that to your organisation’s current and future talent needs.

The IgniteHer Movement is built on the premise that men have an equally important role to play in creating a diverse and inclusive organisation and actively includes them as participants, panellists, and subject matter experts.

ignite her

IgniteHer 4C Model

The programmes are based on the IgniteHer 4C Model, addressing Context, Confidence, Connection and Care. This model underlies all the elements of the programmes, including the assessments (pre and post the programme) which have been designed to measure impact.

Context :

Working with your context through Self-awareness, Framing and Navigating


Owning your space through building Presence, Capability and Engaging.


Building relationships intentionally through your Tribe, Sponsorship and Collaboration


Caring for self and others by focusing on Energising, Enabling and Resilience.


Programme Elements

Consisting of core elements, the programme’s components are pulled together based on your organisation’s unique needs and circumstances.


Benefits of IgniteHer

For participants

Brain-friendly micro learning format

Grow and develop through greater self-awareness and skills

Learn how to tap into the richness of people around them in a win-win relationship

Create a community of women who support each other

Make an impact – help address and be part of a real social challenge

For Business

A different approach to addressing transformation, diversity and inclusion challenges to bring about real change for all participants and the organisation

A powerful and practical women’s development offering

Empowered learners

Less time “out of the office” through the structure of the programme

Focused growth and development


Governing Principles