Creating Communities of Support

Based on our unique 4C Model, IgniteHer Circles is an innovative mechanism to keep the key women in your organisation engaged, while empowering them with knowledge and skills.


Why IgniteHer Circles

Leadership behaviours more frequently applied by women, like inspiring others and clearly defining expectations and rewards, are critical to navigate through tough business times. Retaining women is vital to organisational and business success
Women in particular have a strong need for community and finding purpose in their work. IgniteHer Circles offer an innovative platform to facilitate the support and development of women.
Many companies will experience a setback in women targets (diversity) during challenging times. IgniteHer Circles provides a pro-active, cost-effective approach to overcoming this challenge.





How IgniteHer Circles work

Leadership is a journey you don’t need to walk alone.

IgniteHer coaching is designed to support women, who face different external and internal barriers to men in the workplace. Their path to leadership is often not direct and they encounter many obstacles and unexpected challenges along the way. Based on this, they need to recalculate and reassess their moves – this takes strategy. In addition, women often need to deal with barriers due to politics and gender bias as well as their own internal barriers like self-doubt and lack of confidence.

IgniteHer coaching utilises the 4C Assessment as a basis for coaching interventions ensuring that the coaching focuses on achieving specified objectives.

IgniteHer Our Story

A series of curated dialogues designed to engage the women in your organisation, addressing key topics honestly, openly, and holistically.

Through a consultative process with your organisation, we bespoke a series of inclusive conversations that stimulate meaningful discussions.

We draw on experts in the field and leaders within the company to create a unique and multi-dimensional programme that is fully facilitated to ensure maximum participation and engagement.

Whether you want to engage on issues like the gender pay gap, women owning P&Ls, cultivating healthfulness or something completely different, we help you create ongoing conversations that make a tangible difference.

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