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You are becoming more like your boss every day
Have you noticed how you adopt certain phrases that your friends use? Your wardrobe changes based on...
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Imagine your way to a more fulfilling career
Every morning my 6-year old jumps onto our bed and asks me what we’re going to do today, believing that...
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Business is a game
Business is a Game
We cannot deny that men and women approach the world of business differently. Men use their business...
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Seeking advice in the workplace – as a woman
Seeking advice in the workplace – as a woman
Asking for feedback has become an integral part of our lives, especially within the workplace. Conventionally,...
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Rise Above the pandemic
There has never been a greater time for women to show up
Contributed article by Donna Rachelson and Inge Walters – Co Founders, IgniteHer   It’s no secret that...
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the pressure of perfection
The pressure of perfection
Did you know that perfectionism could be harming you more than you realise? And that you can and should...
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