We help you leverage the contribution women can make to the success of your organisation


IgniteHer is a leadership development movement focused on empowering women to unleash their leadership capabilities and step into their power.

The solutions offer multi-touchpoints that bring together flexible, but guided learning with high levels of personal accountability and tailored learning journeys, that result in personal and business impact.


Women who are empowered, encouraged and unfettered by gender-biased business practices, show up and stand out in many positive ways. Given the opportunity and support, they become visionary, motivated, values-based and accountable leaders who encourage a positive work environment.

Besides the moral and societal argument for women to be empowered in the workplace, there’s compelling evidence to make a strong business case for women in leadership.

“Following a meticulous analysis of 300 companies around the world, we found a difference in return on equity of 47 percent between the companies with the most women on their executive committees and those with none, and a 55 percent difference in operating results.” Gender Diversity Report, McKinsey & Company.

If you’re looking to give your women employees a real opportunity to meaningfully contribute to your organisation’s success, then the IgniteHer Women’s Development Programme will resonate with you.

If you’re looking to build a pipeline of powerful, authentic, confident women leaders for your organisation…



“I mostly appreciated how you immersed yourself in the Multichoice culture to fully understand the challenges that women face and what they needed to do to advance their leadership in a male dominated industry.

You helped me build the women development strategy for the group, did exceptional work in profiling our women in leadership and your coaching of our executives was exceptional value. This was a memorable learning experience for the women leaders and to date your presentations and the value derived remains the most talked about in terms of value and relevance.’

Thuli Segalo, Former Leadership and Women Development Manager, DSTV Group

“Inge was an essential thought and execution partner for our CFO South Africa women’s programme. Her exceptional domain expertise, hands on experience and deeply committed approach to helping women (and men!) navigate work and leadership helped us deliver world class experiences to South Africa’s finance elite.

If you’re looking to change your understanding of how women lead and drive organisational performance, I would strongly encourage you to seek out Inge’s wise counsel.”

Graham Fehrsen, Founder and CEO of Novo

“The name of the programme is exactly what you delivered. There is a light within me that has been switched on.”

Bonolo Thekeong, Manager Business Operations, AVAF Joint Ventures, Absa

“I’ve been on other programmes but this one has give me some practical tools that I can apply and I’ve started applying and that’s been great…. As well as the time to think and reflect and get some perspective.”

Coral Baldwin, People Partner Lead: Group People and Culture Function, Absa

“Every person I’ve spoken to on the programme has contributed to making this experience something I’m not only going to take forward through the programme but my whole career.”

Chantal Luther, Level 3 Tester, I.T. High Volume Payment, Absa

“Thank you to each and every one of the ladies on the programme – it was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life. I can honestly say, through the programme, I am coming out a better person. Through this programme I’ve actually found my voice!”

Lorraine Mpela, Teal Lead Collections, AVAF Early Collections, Absa

Our Manifesto

IgniteHer is led by Donna Rachelson and Inge Walters, who have climbed the corporate ladder and thrived in male dominated fields. Through their combination of business savviness, workplace experience and entrepreneurial thinking, they have successfully advanced the careers of thousands of women.

  • We believe in the business case for women in leadership
  • We believe in the extraordinary capabilities of women
  • We believe in harnessing technology to fit into ‘life’
  • We believe men matter
  • We believe in walking the journey with each woman – we’re in this for the long haul – staying connected to individual journeys beyond the programme

Why IgniteHer


Maximum impact with the least amount of scheduled time


Each participant identifies their priority action areas

Flexible, but guided

Group sessions are scheduled in participants’ own time with feedback requirements and tight programme coordination


Because learning from other women is a core way adults and particularly women learn


We believe we see the greatest results when individuals are held personally accountable for their actions and efforts


We know the development of women cannot happen in isolation – that’s why men are integrated into the conversation

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